GO SING CHOIR singt HAPPY XMAS war is over (John Lennon/Joko Ono) (12/22/2018)

Make music, not war!
Entspannte Weihnachten zusammen…

Weiter geht es mit dem GO SING CHOIR im Strom am 13.01.2019.

GO SING CHOIR sings MAD WORLD (Gary Jules) (11/9/2018)

All around me are familiar faces… What a great opening for our new venue in Munich – MAAAAAD WORLD in the most positive way!

GO SING CHOIR sings WONDERFUL LIFE (Black) (10/17/2018)

What a wonderful, wonderful life!!!


IMAGINE – Livestream (7/31/2018)


GO SING CHOIR sings COME AS YOU ARE (Nirvana) (7/29/2018)

Come, come, come as you are and sing along!


GO SING CHOIR sings WHAT’S UP (4 Non Blondes) (6/22/2018)

HEY YEAH YEAAAH! What an incredible power this song has after 2 hours of rehearsal with these beautiful people.



GO SING CHOIR sings RUN (Snow Patrol) (2/24/2018)

This wonderful crowd came together for two hours to have fun singing – what a massive result! Thank you all for those goosebumps!

“Better than an orgasm!” (2/21/2018)

GO SING CHOIR at  Capriccio – thanks so much!
(sorry, no English subtitles available)