GO SING CHOIR came into being in May 2017 as an opportunity for people to gather together and sing as part of one big polyphonic pop choir. There have been over 40 events so far, and more than 10,000 singers have taken part in our community music project. It’s not just a chance for people to sing together – many friendships and networks have been formed too, regardless of age and social background.

GO SING CHOIR is open to everybody – neither your singing skills nor your financial status should dissuade you from joining. That’s why we rehearse and sing without sheet music, and why we’ve kept the entry fee as low as possible for the last three years (8 euros). There’s also always the possibility to come and sing for free, should finances be an issue.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions in place, GO SING CHOIR‘s future hangs in the balance. Reduced participant numbers in combination with higher costs for the event itself made it impossible for GO SING CHOIR to exist in its current form. With a heavy heart, we’ve had to increase the entrance fees to 15 euros. Should the entrance fee be too high, people can still participate by donating what they can on a voluntary basis.

Nonetheless, even the increased entrance fees can’t cover the costs for the events. To keep on singing together in times of “social distancing” GO SING CHOIR is in need of support. How can you help?

1) You can donate via

2) Your company can become a GO SING CHOIR

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has already supported GO SING CHOIR!